Gameboy Xtreme part two
Looking at the good sytem stability and lower themperatures let's try high themperatures with the processor Xtreme HEAT.
Because we do not have time to test it for 1000 hours, we will apply fire directly to the Z80 processor to simulate this.

Burn it baby!, the result of this last heat experiment is a tutorial to look inside a processor.

Why do we apply Xtreme cool and heat to a Z80 processor connected to a GameBoy? That's because we are poor, and can not afford to burn an Athlon 1.4 Ghz. If you want that we test an Athlon pushing it to Xtreme!, donate your hardware or money to contribute the quest.

Bad luck, this time we can not test the sistem, it was completely destroyed. Heat is not a good thing for Z80 processors, 


by Sorgo I.D.