Build your own Gask Mask from computer parts.

Can't you buy expensive gas masks? Do you need one? Are you a computer geek?
If you answered yes to these three questions, then this is your page! We're going to build our gas mask from computer parts at cost almost 0.

The main idea is to protect you against hazardous elements that could invade the air in your home or country. If you fear anthrax, variola, ebola, alien viruses from outer space you must build it to feel safe. If nuclear war doesn't come you can always use it on the disco when it's full of smoke.
Evil could be everywhere and you must be prepared! Don't waste your money on beautilful masks than won't protect you. SorgoMask (TM) will protect you even underwater. Don't wait and don't forget to build one for everyone in your family. It's also the perfect gift for christmas time.

Technical Specifications for SorgoMask (TM):

Solar protection level 35.
Blocks noisy sounds from your mother-in-law.
Radiation protection against alpha, beta, charly, bravo dangerous particles.
Eye protection for X-RAY and ultraviolet lasers, and also computer monitor radiation.
Water 30M resist like common wrist watches.
Working temperatures: -20 C to 255 C (not tested yet).
Includes 128 RAM.
Acid rain can't go through.
Night vision.
-5 to agility
+10 to hacking skills.
- 25 to Intelligence.
Homologed by
Expensive mask, DO NOT BUY
This is a expensive mask, do not buy it.

Step by Step instructions

The first step is to find the needed parts.

basic elements to build the SorgoMask
A paper bag is the base, we'll need also strap to join parts, WC paper tube, a cleaning disk, a fan to build the filter and CD-ROM box for the visor.

Cutting the paper bag
First, cut a square CD-ROM box on the bag.
Assembling the visor
Now assemble the CD cover on the paper bag.
This bag must comply with ISO 99666 to protect you from any harm or evil.

Sealing the bag
Now seal the interior of the bag with strap to not let the viruses enter.

Let's now focus on building the most important part: The Filter.

Cutting out the filter
Let's begin cutting out the filter from a box (a keyboard box)

Cutting the keyboard box
This is a real cut and paste operation with a keyboard box.
The filter
What's better than a disk cleanner to use as a filter?
This 3.5" disk will do the work.

Filter main parts
Now join these parts.
To adapt a round WC tube to the square like fan on Apollo 13 movie
Filter assembly
The cleaning disk filter goes between the tube and the fan.

Filter with the fan
Seal the fan with the filter and dont forget to cover the hole on the center of the filter.
The fan
This is the fan we've used, it's from an old computer power supply.

The Filter now assembled
This is the completed filter, the black tubes go from the nose to the head.
Be careful: the air flow goes from out to in.

Change the filter every 15 times you use it.

Cleanning disk
Be carefull with the filter, we can read: Don't use this diskette more than 15 times.
There's a table on the label to mark used times (now used 3 times)

Real Action pictures.

This is the final product, the SorgoMask (TM) lightweight, comfortable, beautiful, cheap,  safe and finished.
Two 9v batteries are used to turn on the fan.
Lifespan of the product is several decades. You only need to change the filter every 15 times of use.
The black tubes are used for nothing, but it looks cooler and marketing is marketing.

SorgoMask (TM)
SorgoMask (TM)

Real action 1
These are real action pictures of SorgoMask and the complete suit accessories.
Once you are in war and protected with it, it's time to hack enemy computers using your notebook.
As you can see gloves are an important part of the suit, typing with gloves sucks but you are safer from anthrax and alien viruses wearing them.
You can see on the image that this guy is targetting terrorists using high precision satellite networks and digital image control.

Real action 2.
Binoculars and a rifle are cool accessories. They're not necessary, but people will take you more seriously.

Real Action 3.
This is an image taken in complete darkness from inside the mask looking to a mirror.

Real Action 4.
You can hack safely your enemy's computers with this gas mask because his +15 to hacking skills.

Real Action 5.
You can target terrorists safely !!! Target is locked.