Nowadays home cinema systems are really expensive for you, you're not going to buy them, why? just because you can build one of your own!
It would be an interesting challenge for you.
We're going to use only PC spare parts (those that you never throw away, just in the case...)
With an old defective hard disk we can make it, it already has all the parts we need, a magnet and a coil.
Stereo or mono audio jack will be also required for an easy connection.
Let's begin building a speaker.

opened head
 Building the speaker box
Take the hard disk and open it, may be you will need a little torx screwdriver if you don't have it, take the hard tools: the drill and eat them with it. You are not going to read this hard disk anymore. We need to get to the hard disk heads, then remove them and get the coil from inside. You can get the coil from other computer parts because there's a coil almost everywhere inside a computer, but we also need a magnet, the most powerful magnet on a computer is in the hard disk.
Uncoil the coil and coil it again on a pen maker or in your finger if you don t mind to cut it off or on a 1.5cm cylinder and do 20 full turns around it.
You can test with different diameters and turns for better results.
The coil is insulated by a thin transparent plastic, so you will need to burn by using a lighter the beginning and the end of the coil to remove the insulation.
Now get two floppy disk labels and put the coil in between, the magnet goes on the top. Join the wires from the  audio jack with the coil, and it's almost finished.
Audio jacks can be stereo or mono, three segments on the connector denotes a stereo jack and two a mono, by now we're going to build only one speaker box, so if your jack is stereo join right and left wires together.
 magnet          spiral

Now plug the audio jack on your sound card an play some music it must be working.
They're two kinds of audio outs, those who are amplified and those you aren't, plugging it on a non amplified audio jack like the one that is in front of any CD drive the sound is going to be very low. Sound cards usually have both kind of audio outs, (green and black, just try).
For better acoustics we can put the speaker onto the hard disk plastic protection case so it works as an acoustic box.
Now your speaker box is finished.
Try with other materials for the box , like aluminum pieces, papers, plastics or whatever you can imagine.

connected  Complet

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