Modem External to Internal.

If you have an external modem, a spoiled CDROM,some CD of data and glue. You already have an Internal Modem Autoextract (IMA).  Really ,convert your external modem to internal autoextract modem is very easy you only need follow the next steps.

The Material
Material Basic
The basic material, a CDROM,a strong Glue and some data CD
(and external modem of course)
Pc Coverts
To improve the aspect, you need these PC covers .

Step 1
uper cover
Unscrew CDROM uppers covert.
Unlocks the CDROM front end and keep it
piece out
Unscrew the metallic table, like the picture
Paste the PC cover  on a CD tray front end.
Possibly it needs to cut the songs of the cover.
cut cover
Cut the CDROM front end, like the picture
Put the covert
Paste the cover where it was.
Data CD + Glue
The modem must be left getting up,to avoid
CDROM housing collisions. Some CD can
help us.Paste 5 or 6 CD on a CD tray.

 Step 2

Install  in your PC , like a current CDROM driver, but don't connect the data wires.Don forget connect the CDROM power supply.

Push the eject button to insert a modem,


                                                                                                       connect the modem  


 Connect the modem wires.

hidden modem

Push the eject button to hidden a modem.