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SWFW  Sorgonet Web File broWser

Swfw is a Perl  cgi web generator project, the scritp generates a browsable web page using your site  folders and files ,you can configure  restricctions and  permisions to read or list files and folders, Swfw extract a little text and a randon image from the files.

Swfw v1.9 -->>> Swfw version  1.9 includes new features like extract stories from php-nuke database and include it into a browsable folder that have a similar name like topic story, this option can be disable or enable.


Swfw_v1.9.tar.gz  Swfw 1.9 version .
      Swfw_v1.4.tar.gz  Swfw 1.4 version .
       Readme.txt             Installation Notes

At SorgoNet.com we are using the Swfw , you can see a demo.

Installation Notes:

Uncompres Pack:
  tar -xzvf swfw_v1.4.tar.gz

Copy  the files on your site or your html path
(usually /var/www/html)
  cp -r swfw/ /your_html_path/

  cd swfw/

Copy  the CGI file on your site or your CGI path
(usually /var/www/cgi-bin)

  cp swfw_v1.0.cgi /your_cgi_path/

Change files permisions

  cd /your_cgi_path/
  chmod 751 swfw_v1.0.cgi
  cd /your_html_path/
  chmod 750 Count.con

Configuration Notes

 $Path_site="your html folder";# your html web site path folder usually (/var/www/html/) also your can configure a relative site ej:(../html) This folder becomes locked, and no body can back to down folder
 $Domain_name="http://yoursite.com/";#your domain site name
 $Cgi_Paht="http://yoursite.com/cgi-bin/";#your cgi paht folder usually (/var/www/cgi-bin/) ;
 $Restricte_folder ="(admin\/)|(private\/)";#restricted folder or names (the names or folder write here, don't are reads ,to added= |(text)
 $Visible_files="*/ index.php   *.html";#added here others visibles files,(files type to list)
 $swfw_dir="swfw/";#Swfw directory
 $Logo_Path="http://yoursite.com/swfw/swfw.jpg";#Logos path
 $How_many_lines_read=4;#How many lines writes on file comments
 $Files_content="(\.html)|(\index.php)|(\index_es.php) ";# Files to read and write a comments

Swfw 1.9 configuration ADD
#Mysql Configuration
Swith betwen 0 or 1 to Disable/Enable PhpNuke database mode
my $dbHost = "localhost";#
my $dbName = "Your Database Name";#
Your Database Name
my $dbUser = "Your User Database Name";#
Your User Database Name
my $dbPassword = "Your Database Password";#
Your Database Password

Necro_ at Sorgonet.com

Swfw  GNU (GPL ) license.

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