Evil supercomputers on films

This is a little image gallery for computer related films where a supercomputer is the protagonist and it's a "evil" or wicked computer. Them always want to control the world or something like that (who don't?). The supercomputers always have a strong personality and thinks that humans are inferirors or are a simple bug. (human=bug)

A hacker's history
This is image is the N.O.R.A.D. Headquarters, nice screens
Do you want to play chess, Professor Falken?
Wargames WOPR
W.O.P.R. is the War Operation Plan Response it plays continuosly estrategy games that simulates the III world war. A real supercomputer full of LEDS
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2001: A Space Odyssey
A Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, HAL9000 is the evil computer here (note that H+1=I, A+1=B, L+1=M) his Artificial Intelligence is great. 
Exclusive: Complete analisys of the chess game played on the film in spanish.
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Colossus and Guardian
Colossus the Forbidden Project.
Join the best American computer (Colossus) with his russian partner (Guardian)
The first distributed computing to control the world?
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TRON Mastercontrol
The first film that uses computer animation. A "must see" for computer programmers.
A computer programmer goes inside the computer.
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Demon Seed
Demon Seed
Proteus is an Artificial Intelligence that wants to have a human son to get out the terminals and he will be semi-human. He will do it without human cooperation. He takes is own decisions.
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I'll really apreciate if you suggest me some film or better if you send me an image and a description for it. Remember that this section is only for supercomputers, and it's not for androids or robocops.
by DrDoom

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