Lockpicking with computer parts? Spanish

A lock is like a puzzle you have to pick to solve it.
So many films show hackers opening electronic locks in a few seconds, the same for James Bond and others on mechanical locks.
There are so many websites and clubs around the world about lockpicking it's considered like a sport and it's very funny and addictive.
When you build your own picks, open your first lock, then you want to move to a more complex lock and so on. Videos and books can help you improve your technic. But practice, practice, practice is the key.

Since this is the standard method, and here at sorgonet.com we don't usually do that way, the challenge was to build a lockpick device by using computer parts, and of course we did it, and it works pretty well and really fast.


How does a lock work?

When the right key lifts all the pins to the proper height then the plug can rotate and the lock can be opened.


Then we need something to simulate a key, you can try with a paper clip to pull the pins while you are rotating the plug, but it will be very difficult. There are tools to make it very easier "lock pick sets" and there are also lock pick guns. We are going to build something like an hybrid device.


 Pictures and description

I know it's rare to open a mechanical lock by the use of a hard disk and a mouse, but we thought it was possible and we demonstrate it!
Imagination is the true key :-]

The main things we need, are: AT power supply, a hard disk 7200rpm, a mouse, some screwdrivers.
Optional: network card, floppy disk.

Start by opening the hard disk, did you noticed that  you are breaking the warranty void? Of course you are!

The hard disk is opened, we will remove almost all parts inside it.

Remove also the powerful magnets, it could be very useful for future projects.

Remove the plates and the head.
We want to produce vibration when the hard disk is spinning.

Vibration is successfully created by screwing a heavy metal part to the main motor axis. Then when the motor spin, it's weight is not aligned and produces vibration.

In this picture the HD is connected to the power supply and the motor is spinning.

A floppy disk is being used for holding the screwdriver.

A little screwdriver is attached to the hard disk. It's going to act like the key for opening the lock.

A part of a network card is attached to the hard disk to build the handle.

A mouse will be used to handle it, this will look like a gun once finished.

Take off all the mouse parts, we just need one button left to fire the gun.

Solder two wires to the mouse button and connect them between the power supply and the hard disk. Just like a switch.

Duck tape could help a bit.

The HD lockpick "gun" is ready.

Easy to handle, just press right button to turn it on.

Lets do the first test

We need something to turn the lock while firing the gun, a piece of iron that fits inside the lock will work.

Firing (I mean pressing the mouse button) while turning the little piece of iron, it's just 1 or 2 seconds and the lock OPENS!

This is the link to the video demonstration. Download it.

There are many variations on the computer parts you could use, but it's very easy to open cheap locks with this tool.

 This article is just for fun and learning purposes, bad guys: I'm sure you will use better methods to break in.

If you want to know something more about lockpicking, take a look at: http://www.lockpicking101.com



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