Sorgo & Solar Robots.
Sorgo enter now in new field!. Sorgo is developed any minirobots with infinite energy to conquer the world, jajajajaj.
Taking the advantages of the solar energy we are create several robots geting indications of documents of webs and also watching documentation enclosed with the material that we have bought.

The first that was created is the robot that leave to mount already defined, to know better the structure and functionality of this robot´s class.

we had found one bug in the schemats enclosed.
It ´s easy to construct
It´s 100% functional with one strong solar light

The big problem is the small that is the structure and components the this robots.
we had many problems until see the error in the schemats enclosed with it bean robot preprogramed that we buy.
If you is interested to make any solar robot, you can download the schemats here.
After the of first beam robot that was bought defaulted, we build our solar robots.

Aracnitron need very energy to work correctly
Penitron a failed prototype
It has to support a lot weight

The solars cells are fragile, a abrupt blow is enought to to break.
The solar cell used give about of 4v with solar light is suficient to move an mabutchi that is a especial motor to make beams robots.
Also is possible change the sun for a lamp that it focuses directly to the photocell the result isn´t same but is acceptable.
It isn´t possible connect the photocell to motor, is necessary make an circuit that acumulates the energy enought to move the motor, to acumulates the energy is used a capacitor of 1000 to 4000 nf approximately that allow to pass as minimum 3v.

The solar cell.
Before we tested the sistem.
It very small and fragile.

The family of solar robot..
You can build its.

When you have the correctly schemats mounter, the difficult is construct the structure for that moves of the solar robot, you can recicled the sistem electric to build many solar robots.
If you have any question o problem you can send a mail to my or another component of Sorgo.