Bulding you own Robot Army
Marine Technology

Two brothers from Russia sent this projects in home robotics and ferocious experiments.

Andrey     -  student, differential & fuzzy modeling in undersea uninhabited robotics.
Alexander -  student, hobby: 3DMax and other computer graphics.
Controller of robot programmed on C++, without decoder
(optotransistors, transistors, relay and etc.)
(no photo controller with decoder)

Press here to view the real time movement VIDEO.

3D virtual control software for the robot.



 Other interesting stuff

Mechanical hand (unfinished).
See the infographic video.
See the real time video.

Nice infographic animation on possible applications for this bots (submarine included).
Press here to see the video 2 Mb aprox.




Project Detailed Pictures

This is a collection of pictures that shows in detail the commented robots.
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