Pataforma, a Walking Platform

This is an experiment done by about building a walking platform who could carry things on and move on no-plain terrain.
The motors we used on this project were very powerful, (can carry a screen on) and unusuals (AC 220v). Those who want to try it at home, can use any kind of motor.
It consists on 4 motors and an aluminium self build platform firmly attached.
Every motor moves a leg with consits on  two little aluminium pieces joined together. The angle is about 135 grades.
It walks slowly because the motors, but its strong.

Video Number 1
See the Robot Walking on a flat surface.

Video Number 2
See the Robot Walking on a dificult terrain
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The four motors to use.

The aluminium base.

Motors on the platform.

Screwing hard.

Leg detail

Not yet wired.




It's Alive! and it's walking!
Carring an old notebook.

Nice shot

It has also other practical functions.

We mount to more aluminium bars to do not bend the structure.

Leg and some tools we used.