Hard Disk Window Mod

This is not new but is a mod we have to try. It consists on removing the cover of your hard disk and cutting off a part to see throught.
You will need a hard disk, a plastic cd case, dremel or similar cutting device, some glue or silicon.

We took the dremel and cut out a circle on a plastic cd cover, that can fit on the hard disk. Usually plexiglass is used for this, but what the hell, a cd cover is what we had near.
The top hard disk cover was removed and we cut a circle on it also.
cd cover
Dremel is a good tool for this accurated work. Be carefull and do it slowly.
The window was glued to the hard disk cover.
mounting the cd cover
Wait a few seconds.
closer view
This picture shows the window mounted on the hard disk cover.
plastic bag
Meanwhile the hard disk was into a bag to keep it away from dangerous dust.
We cut off the remaining glue.

Cleaning the window.
Time to mount all together
Some torx screws more...
hd window final
The hard disk window is completed

Be very carefull with this mod, if you are doing this to your everydayuse hard disk. We recommend you to first try it on an old hard disk an practice.