DIGITAL CHESSBOARD   The first project of SORGO ID                                                                                                              
       The digital board was the first Sorgo I.D. work. The objectives of this project was , like in all the future works, to Investigate and Develop. In this case  we have worked  with pure logic gates, developing encoders and decoders with the objective to control this new device from the PC, just as the commercial companies they control its own peripherals  .
        This work offers to  Sorgo ID a new experience ,and open us a door of a new and surprising world.

Digital Board

          The digital board ,was a work with a lot of incentives, because it brings us new and different areas to work on. The software, developed in VB introduced us in this programming area. This finished with an excellent project called CONDENADO , the work with the logic gates, derived to a new project, SICARIO ,controlled with a system much more advanced in VB and it obtained great congratulations in computer dedicated social areas.

Inside Nucleus

        The characteristics of the digital board are basic, but from very interesting concepts, the nucleus or converter its made with 20 logical chips, they translate the information, granted through the PC parallel port (Centronics or DB25), this information is turning into a 2 axis coordinates indicated by leds, in the same time, translates the electric impulse that the user sends to the PC using sensors.

        The external architecture of the board , is the cheapest and effective, in our opinion, two axes of coordinates locate us in a bidimensional space, perfect for work with a standard chessboard  or checkers and, why not?, another one, whose the architecture is similar , thanks that the software is specify for each case, and the interpretation and data representation , need to be programmed .


        In this case Sorgo I.D. made a MODULO developed in VB, all the program is developed by Sorgo I.D.

        The program not only  uses many board abilities, in addition its assembly is a checkers game, which responds to the board external inputs and forces it ,to interact with the user.

by Necro