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ACT Labs Force RS Pedals MOD

One of the most important problems with the main wheel and pedals kits in the market are the lack of resistance feel in the pedals unlike the ones of a real car. In game simulations (not arcade) like Grand Prix Legends, Nascar Season 2002,... it's very difficult to avoid locking brakes or spinning wheels due a lack of a variable resistance. The easiest and cheapest solution is drive with bare feet. Without shoes your feet wheight less and you have better control of the car, but continues without a real feel. This mod is based on an Act Labs Force RS, but you can do it in your wheel with minor modifications.



First you need to uninstall the suspension kit of one of your R/C car (as a car enthusiast obviously you own more than one!), using the ones of the same (or a little more) lenght of the travel of the pedals. I used a Tamiya electric R/C car shocks with springs from a Kyosho fuel model. Put the "fat" springs in the brake and the "thin" in the throttle. If you need strong resistance feel, you can put as many "spacers" (the yellow thing in the right pic, really don't know the exact word) you need.



First make a hole in the upper part of the brake pedal and put a 3 cm screw to hold the shock in inverted position. Be sure the screw is long enough to hold without moving, but you can put a nut on each side of the plastic to hold it tight.



Now make a hole in the lower part of the plastic cover and put another screw, long enough to later adjust the position of the shock. Be careful with the position of the hole, because if the shock make all the travel before the pedal, then you can't press it to the max.



Repeat this procedure for the throttle pedal, but notice that due to the shape of the rear part of the plastic you can make a horizontal hole to attach the shock absorber.



At the end, you should finish with a modification like the one of the pics below.




Remeber that my first goal is make a "cost zero" (or cheapest possible) and cool mod for my Force RS Wheel.