Howto revive a bricked WAP54G

These are the steps that I followed to revive my Linksys WAP54G v2 from the death.
It may happen when you try to upgrade or change its firmware and something goes wrong. Electric power going on and off several times in a short period may also lead to this situation.
Then your access point (AP) is dead. It's useful only like a brick.
What can we do?

First of all, it's a good idea to test the power supply and check the voltage for 12VDC.

The situation that we have is:
- Red power led is on.
- If we plug the network cable, then the orange link led is also on.
- The green Act led is off.

Try to reset the router by pressing the small button with a clip or a pen for 10 seconds when the AP is on. This will try to turn all the configuration options to default.
Then wait for a minute and try to ping and wait for response. This is done this way:
In windows XP or 2000, go to Start/Run and type: cmd
If the standard reset doesn't work, we'll go the hard way.

Download the latest firmware from the official linksys website, unzip it and you'll have a file with .trx extension. Save it in C:\
Set up your computer as follows:
IP address:
Gateway and DNS are not required.

Open your Linksys WAP54G.
Begin by removing the black rubbers and remove the two hidden screws.
Then pull the blue part out.

wap54g v2
open wap54g

Now remove the mainboard screws to allow you to see the back part of the mainboard.

Locate the "Flash" chip and the pin numbers 15 and 16.

mainboard wap54g
flash chip wap54g

With the AP off, short-circuit pins number 15 and 16 (you may use a small screwdriver), maintain the short-circuit while powering on the AP. Two seconds after (approx.), remove the screwdriver, go to the command shell and type:
ping -t -w 99
It must be responding, then press Ctrl-C and type:
tftp -i PUT c:\thefirmwareyousaved.trx

wap54g pin 15 16

When you short-circuit the pins while powering on the AP, it's waiting for a firmware file. That file is what we are uploading by using the TFTP protocol, which is like an FTP but without user and password.

You may need to reboot the AP after these steps to complete the process.
Then simply open your favorite browser and type:
Left in blank the username and enter "admin" in the password field.



Remember that I used a Linksys WAP54G version 2 (the version number are located at the bottom on the "model number label". Other models and/or versions will have nothing to do with this tutorial.

For questions and suggestions for this tutorial, use the Forum.

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