Hacking a Senao 2511 AP1 Plus
Out of the box Access Points (AP) are not good enought for us, so we bought a Senao 2511 AP1 Plus mainly used for indoor enviroments and hacked it to extend it's range all over our town.


 Picture gallery, SENAO Access Point.

The first step is to open the access point by removing the top.

Surprise! inside you will found a SENAO 2511 CD Plus Ext2  PCMCIA card

Mainboard have a socket for the PCMCIA and two small MMCX connectors connect the card to the little antennas

Detail of the PCMCIA, we can read the number 200 and some unknown chineese characters.
Does it mean it's 200mW?

This is the box containing the AP, it's configured via web browser, so no CD is included.

This is the power adaptor, it's 12V

There are two RG 258 wires, one of them is very long because it goes from one side to the other inside the AP. We just remove it with the little antena.

We bought a pigtail at www.amidata.es reference is: 326-8467 and crimped a N male connector on the other side, so we did not break the warranty by cutting anything.

The screws on the AP box where not sealed so we do not break the warranty.

Used a big plastic box to put the AP inside. So we need to make a little hole as you can see on the image.

We want both antennas outside, the little 2db and our own slotted waveguide.

The plastic box was so big that the power plug and power suppy fits also inside.

As you can see the two MMCX connectors are ready to plug on each side of the PCMCIA

Hold the card with LED light right side up (LED is visible) and with the pcmcia connector to the right side. The primary jack is the one closest to you. Connect your best antenna to the favoured jack and your optional 2nd antenna to the other jack.
Information from this site

Two cables goes out of the plastic box: network and power.

Installation is complete, the AP and power supply is inside the box, a little antenna is outside and the N conector is pluged to the slotted waveguide 8+8 antenna.


I can say that we were able to connect to the AP from 2.5Km far away, and it supports cold and also high temperatures well.

by: DrDoom at sorgonet.com
klmar at sorgonet.com