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Use 6GB Asus G73JH laptop with latest Corsair DDR3 memory powered by Core i7 processor and MS Office10.
Cisco wireless access point with usb adapter will bring you online & connect.
Fog Shadows
I wish to tell you about Realistic Real-Time Fast Flat Shadow Using Fog Shadows , This is a fast technique to create shadows from your objects ,I developed it to use in my personal projects , please feel free to use it.
If you want to add realism to your scene , read this document
necro_ (2005-05-18 11:37:19)

Re:Fog Shadows
hey que tal quiero hablarles de algunas confuciones que hay en el esquema hay un esquema que solo tiene cuatro diodos ┬┐funcionara haci? a y quien es el creador de esquema por que hay muchos que dicen que es suyo.

jimmy (2007-09-05 05:44:44) santiago
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