Condenado, a 3D Action game programmed in Visual Basic 6 with DirectX 7

   Sorgo I.D. begin to develop this game called Condenado using Visual Basic 6 and DirectX 7 technology to learn DirectX. We used Visual Basic because is a easy language and we have got a little experience on it. 
The game uses DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput and Direct3D. We all know that Visual Basic it's not a "gamming" language but it was the first step before trying the more complex Visual C.
Maps were designed with 3D Studio Max 3 from scratch and the bitmaps and textures modified with Photoshop 6.
The game is not finshed, it's an Alpha version with lots of bugs, you can only walk across the rooms and look, there's only one enemy  and you can not touch it. This Visual Basic version will not be continued by us and you can modify the source code and use it wherever you want if you mention us in the credits.

   Fog, collisions, enviormental sound, midi music, translucencies and transparencies,mouse and keyboard movement were implemented
The 3D engine was developed by Sorgo I.D.
You can now DOWNLOAD the source code, and look below to download the binaries (.EXE).

Condenado. a Sorgo I.D. Game

Welcome to Condenado web page. A game developed by Sorgo I.D. in Visual Basic using Ms DirectX 7 technology.
Made in Spain.

Coded in VB and DX7

3D Models and Maps using 3DStudio Max

We are now on ALPHA PREVIEW demo Version. Please don't expect too much. :]
Please test it and report any bugs by e-mail

Intel Pentium or AMD K6/7 Computer with 3dfx Card and DirectX 7 installed.
Sound Card.

Donwload Condenado Alpha Preview

Condenado Alpha Preview 19-Dec-1999 Primary site 2.87Mb
Condenado Alpha Preview 19-Dec-1999 Fortunecity Mirror 1. 2.87Mb
Condenado Alpha Preview 19-Dec-1999 Xoom Mirror 2. 2.87Mb
Condenado Alpha Preview 19-Dec-1999 Arrakis Mirror 3. 2.87Mb

We are trying to develop a RPG game on a 3D enviroment. Please help us telling what do you think of this alpha preview.

Best viewed using 1024x768

e-mail us and bug report to: