Tron, the directX tutorial
My first idea is made a long tutorial, but don't have a big aceptation by Sorgonet users. Now I present the end of the Tron tutorial, really is'nt finished but all the functions tu finish are implemented, de sourcecode isen't comented
On ZIP files your can found the VB Source code, Mouse movement,music 3D (thank to DRDOOM),animate 3D objects (Shape make by Dalamar),Screen configuration,multipe objects rotation, ligths rotation an position,
transparent and translucid objects,correct texture aplication,multiple and fast collision function.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial .For some cuestion send a mail.
Configuration menu
Lights in  movemnet
Nurbs animation Golem by Dalamar




Animate objects


You can download a source code.

by Necro_