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Fight for the Future
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Fight for the Future
This is to invite public comment on my Ph.D dissertation at the University of Texas at Austin, at the Department of Aerospace Engineering, called The Conceptual Design of a Constellation Class Star Ship There's a whole section on Artificial Intelligence, and the computer code for a powerful AI algorithm.

Full information on Read Me.Much of the research is to create a new dynamic model of the Solar System, but this produced a complex gravity model of space and this in turn led to the idea of designing a spaceship configured to match the geometry of the gravity matrix and to use gravity strings to venture into deep space. The Theory incorporates basic aspects of Relativity, String Theory, Fractal Theory, and Newtonian Mechanics. It's all very hypothetical, naturally; however, part of the research shows how to configure a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar passenger/cargo jet to study gravity in the Earth's upper atmosphere, to begin refining the Theory so it can be applied first to orbital jets, then to flight directlly into space.

The theory itself is mostly geometrical, so it's not hard to follow. It's mostly based on the Three Body Problem of Celestial Mechanics, which you learn all about as the spacecraft design is presented. There are over 150 nice illustrations, and a download of the complete 210 dissertation in a nicely formatted text.

I hope you have a chance to visit, and that you will like my work enough to pass the word.

Best Southern Regards,

WH Clark
Austin, Texas
- - - - - - - - - -
The Conceptual Design of a Star Ship
Texas Center for Celestial Mechanics

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- Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson
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