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MSX Emulator Comparison - Test results
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MSX Emulator Comparison - Test results
MSX Emulator Comparison - Test results Amsterdam (the Netherlands) – January 31, 2005 – Today the MSX Resource Center published the results of an MSX emulator comparison. Twelve MSX emulators have been put to the test. The relatively new emulator BlueMSX 2.1 ranks first, followed closely by the open source initiative openMSX 0.5.0. The performance of several MSX emulators proved emulating a 20 year old computer system is a lot harder than it seems. Many classic videogames that played a key role in the history of gaming were released on the MSX platform in the past. MSX emulation makes it possible to enjoy these games like like Final Fantasy 1, Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake and Vampire Killer (Castlevania) on any modern PC. This Emulator Comparison is the second edition of the first emulator comparison ever.

The MSX Emulator comparison can be found over here About the test
The test aims at giving both advanced and novice users a helping hand in choosing a suitable emulator. The emulators are judged not only by their technical features and accuracy, but also by sound quality and ease of use. The test also features the first emulator that is officially recognized by the developers of the original platform: MSXPLAYer. MSXPLAYer is put on the market by the Japanese company MSX Association as part of a project that aims to commercially revive the MSX computer platform.

About MSX Resource Center
The Dutch foundation MSX Resource Center hosts a website completely dedicated to the 8bit home computer system MSX. Millions of MSX computers were sold during the 1980s and early 1990s, mainly in Europe and Japan. The website not only brings the latest news on the activities of the still highly active MSX community, but also offers an active discussion platform and a freeware downloads section in order to support the activities of the MSX community and to bring the MSX computer system under the attention of an ever growing audience.

For more information on the Emulator Comparison, the MSX Revival or the MSX Resource Center in general, feel free to contact us at, or visit our website at
DrDoom (2005-02-01 13:17:38)

Re:MSX Emulator Comparison - Test results
Hola bueno soy de Tequila, Jalisco Mexico yo hice la antena de 8 8 y de primero me funciono muy bien y despues no se por que ya no me funciono de primero obtube una distancia muy grande con la señal y no se que hacer

Roberto (2008-11-30 05:22:22)
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